Many problems with telehealth can be resolved by rebooting your phone or computer and making sure that you don’t have a different program using your camera or microphone at the same time.

Make sure you have as strong a signal as possible. If you are using cellular service, it will often help to go near a window or outside if you don’t have a strong enough signal inside your house. If using home WiFi, it would generally be better to remain inside. Avoid being inside a car, especially in areas with weak cell signals.

Links to join a telehealth session with can be sent via both text message and email. If any problems with, click on the Pre-Call Test button and follow the instructions. This will fix common computer and phone problems. also has multiple troubleshooting articles available here. While some articles pertain to their program only, other articles can be helpful to fix phone and computer problems regardless of which program is used. The links below for Doximitry Dialer will also frequently fix problems with

Doximitry Dialer works by sending a link to click on via text message. Following any prompts will fix common problems.

A general explanation of Doximitry Dialer can be found here. If your camera or microphone are not working, here are information sheets for fixing problems on an iPhone or Android phone. The same information might help if you are having problems with other programs.

We generally only recommend using Skype if you already have an account and are able to use it without difficulty. If having problems with Skype, their Help page is available here. If Skype is having difficulty using your camera or microphone, the help pages for the other programs will also help fix problems.