Office Hours

Appointments are generally scheduled on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Evening appointments are available and new patients are welcome. A receptionist is usually available to schedule appointments after 8:00 a.m. on the days we are open and can be called at (231) 773-3258.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we are seeing new and established patients primarily via telehealth. See the Announcements page for further information, including help on solving problems with telehealth.

During the public health emergency related to the Coronavirus pandemic, rules have been relaxed to allow for telehealth in place of in office visits. This can be done with telehealth programs such as or Doximitry Dialer, which will send you a link by text message or email to join a telehealth session. Rules have also been relaxed to allow for the use of programs such as Skype, and for use of telephone only for those without access to a smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Please disregard portions of the web site which do not apply during the pandemic.

Safety During The Coronavirus Pandemic

We are taking a number of steps to help keep our patients safe during the current pandemic including:

  • Limiting entry to the office
  • Check-in of patients by phone before entry into the office, including screening for symptoms or exposure to coronavirus
  • Using telehealth in addition to limited in-office visits
  • Influenza vaccines and limited lab testing is being done “curb-side”
  • Wearing of masks is required to protect staff and visitors
  • Plexiglass dividers have been put up
  • Our air conditioning and heating system has been upgraded with Merv 13 filters to help filter out viruses
  • HEPA filters in exam rooms and other parts of the office
  • Use of antiseptic wipes and cleaning solutions
  • Touchless hand sanitizer and soap dispensers
  • Elimination of non-necessary items which can be touched and carry disease, such as magazines


Our office is located at 1762 E. Oak Avenue, Muskegon. While physically located in West Michigan, telehealth allows us to provide some services throughout the state of Michigan. 

We are located behind the former Muskegon General Hospital building near US 31 and Apple Avenue in Muskegon, Michigan.  If coming from US 31, exit on Apple Avenue and go east. Turn left at Harvey. Turn right at Oak Avenue (just prior to the hospital, driving along the parking lot). After the hospital parking lot there will be rows of medical offices. We are at 1762 Oak, the first medical office in the first row behind the former hospital parking lot.

Your First Office Visit

We are continuing to accept new patients with initial new patient exams generally being conducted by telehealth. Subsequent appointments might be conducted by telehealth or in the office. During the pandemic, we will email or mail paperwork to be completed and sent back to the office prior to the first appointment. 

Your first office visit will generally be longer than usual office visits so that we can obtain a complete medical history and perform an initial physical examination. Subsequent office calls will usually take less time (and will carry a lower charge).

Please bring your insurance cards and bring all medications you are taking (both prescription and over-the-counter) in their original containers to your first appointment. If you will be needing refills for controlled substances, you should arrange to have your records sent to us prior to your first appointment. Records can be mailed, or can be faxed to (231) 773-4776. 

It is our goal to see you promptly at the time of your appointment. Unfortunately there is always the risk of falling behind due to an emergency or because of having to devote more time than was scheduled for certain medical problems. Be assured that when it is your turn to be seen, you will receive the same high quality of health care. If you are concerned about the possibility of having to wait, you can call the office before leaving home to better determine what time we will be able to see you.

After Hours Calls

After office hours, Dr. Chusid can be contacted by calling our after hours number: (231) 737-5719. Please note that this number is for urgent matters only, not for prescription refills or to obtain test results. In case of emergencies, call 911.

Prescription Refills

Routine prescription refills are generally sent electronically to your pharmacy. Should you need a refill on a long term medication, call your pharmacy and they will send a request to us for the refill. We recommend requesting refills two business days before they are needed in case we need to contact you before the refill is authorized. Refills for controlled substances should be requested at the time of your appointment. Calls for refills should only be made during regular office hours and not over the after hours line.

Internal Medicine: Providing Primary Care and Specialty Services

An internist is a doctor who can provide general medical care and provide specialized treatment of more serious medical problems. Internal Medicine doctors receive three years of advanced training in medical problems of adults and the elderly. When necessary we will refer you to other specialists, but we can evaluate and treat you for a wide variety of problems commonly encountered by adults, including:

  • Heart problems such as high blood pressure, chest pain, heart attacks, heart failure,
    and treatment of elevated cholesterol
  • Lung problems such as asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema
  • Gastrointestinal problems such as stomach pain, ulcers, and bowl disorders
  • Neurological problems such as strokes and headaches
  • Problems involving hormones such as diabetes and thyroid disease
  • Problems related to aging, include osteoporosis and hormone replacement
  • Covid 19, acute infections and long term problems from Long Covid
  • And many other problems such as allergies, anemia, arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression, cancer screening, skin problems
  • Wellness/Preventive Exams (now covered by Medicare and many insurance plans annually).

Diabetes Care

While we practice all areas of Internal Medicine, our office concentrates on the intensive treatment of Diabetic patients. There is a particular need for modern, state of the art diabetic care in the Muskegon area as it leads the nation in complications of diabetes such as heart attacks, end stage renal failure, and leg amputations. Intensive treatment can help to reduce the incidence of these complications of diabetes.

Diagnostic Testing In Office

To help make medical care more convenient for our patients, we perform many of the diagnostic tests necessary for comprehensive medical care within our office. Performing many diagnostic studies in the office can greatly reduce the time between when the patient is seen and results are available for our review, allowing us to more rapidly make changes when tests indicate a need for changes in treatment. Often test results are available at the time a patient is seen in the office. We perform some laboratory testing, tests on the heart including EKG’s, tests to evaluate lung problems, and tests to evaluate nerve damage from diabetes.

During the coronavirus pandemic, routine testing is being limited. Some testing is now being performed “curb-side” via appointment and some testing we previously did in the office is being sent out.